How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

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We have all had issues with Endesa the electricity supplier on the Spanish mainland, as property managers here endless queuing, wrong authorizations and constant changing of their rules has caused us headache after headache….until recently…

They are now on-line in “Endesa in English” their software is a bit flaky but fundamentally it works!!!

Step 1/ Search with your browser, “Endesa Online” and you should get here………..

2013 02 06 2004 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

Click on the link on this Endesa page and you will land on the Endesa page in Spanish which looks like this:

2013 02 06 2007 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain


Click on the English flag and you will be directed to the site in your native tongue….I promise…for a bit anyway.


2013 02 06 2011 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

” You do not have an activation code” click>> Register with the On-line Office.

Ps: You do need now a recent bill or the information from the bill, ask your cleaner, managing agent, friend etc.

“You are a property owner” and click “OK”…….You will now see this >>

2013 02 06 2019 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

It is in Spanish, if you speak the lingo your fine, if not, (you can use “google translate”) here’s how to complete the on-line form: I Suggest now that you put Caps Lock on and COMPLETE THE FORM IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

2013 02 06 2031 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

Please make sure you spell your name as it appears on the bill not how your wife, husband, Mum, Dad or Bank Manager spells it.

“Tipo de Documento” is the document used when the contract was started, your NIE (Card) or passport is normally used for foreigners, insert the number below this ,once you have chosen, it must match the same detail as on the bill, User name is obvious…that’s you or whatever you choose to call yourself on the day, “Clave” is your password for the site, eight characters, entered twice as shown.
Leave the next line as “NO” I will explain this later… the last bit…..

2013 02 06 2050 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

Tick the next three boxes, you are excepting their terms and conditions and asking for them to send you an email bill ( this cancels a posted one, leave un-ticked if you want the bill to be delivered to your Spanish address, however the reason your probably reading this is because you have never seen a bill anyway).

Press “Aceptar”….your nearly there.

You now will see summary of what you inserted in the relevant fields: click “Aceptar” you then go to the last page, see the same stuff.. You can at this stage print your details if you wish too,….click ” Finalizar”
and “Hey Presto” your back to where you started.

2013 02 06 2007 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

TIME TO LOGIN WITH CAPS LOCK ON, User name and password ( Usuario and Clave) press “Enviar” and you will get this……..

2013 02 06 2119 How to solve your problems with Endesa in Spain

Which basically says…sorry this doesn’t work, all is not lost…clear the bottom box, re type User name in the top one and your password underneath ( IN CAPS), press ” Acceder a la Oficina”

You now should be in your private Endessa account page in the top right corner click the flag for English, sometimes dependant on the speed of their server your account is not created immediately so do not despair go back in an hour or two and all should be fine.

Look for list of bills on the left (highlighted), click this and you can see bills from years ago, and the current ones, the page generally is fairly easy to navigate, you can change your bank details, print copies of bills or download the PDF etc, authorize third parties to represent you in person (that’s the bit we skipped earlier), and that’s where we come in, that’s what we do here in sunny Spain, represent owners like you, help with your taxes, the local authorities, banks, lawyers, rent your place, sell your place even get it cleaned and get the ironing done for you, all for 400 euros a year, ( this does not include the cleaning and washing bit, that’s extra, or the selling commission or the rental commission for that matter…we have to eat.

I do hope you found this article useful and have created your own account, share it on “Facebook” if you did, or even “Tweet” to your buddies that have got holiday homes here so they can have their’s(on-line account) too.

Have fun creating your very own “Endesa” account.

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