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Summer Camp in Marbella “Alemán”

Marbella is the ideal destination for a summer camp. Located on the pristine Costa del Sol (“Coast of the Sun”), full of prestigious school and sports facilities, it’s a small, safe city popular with tourists from all over the world.
The summer camp, Enfocamp in the German School in La Mairena Marbella is an annual summer event, La Mairena is a beautiful part of the Marbella area and the German School there, becomes Enfocamp summer camp for children from all over the world, they have brilliant fun and can learn a language too, I can vouch for the summer camp as my son attended on three seperate occasions and now is a fluent Spanish speaker.
The kids can live in or attend daily they are looked after in great style, fed and watered properly, taken on excursions, go to the beach and a host of other activities.
When it comes to sending your child or teenager off to a summer camp program in another country, all sorts of questions and concerns are bound to pop into your mind.

What will a typical day at camp look like? What kind of food will my child be given? How will he/she get to and from camp? How can I reach my child at camp? What should he/she pack for camp? the Enfocamp website gives you all the information you need for you to have peace of mind and be assured the little ones are being properly cared for so you can relax by the pool or have lunch by the beach.

Where do Mum and Dad stay whilst the kids go to camp, we have town-houses, apartments and villas to rent for the summer period all close to Enfocamp,some of our summer rental accommodation is walking distance to Enfocamp or a very short drive from Elviria at the bottom of the hill from La Mairena.
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