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Weather Overview for Costa del Sol

Located in the most southern region of Spain; Costa del Sol experiences a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild, rainy winters. With an extensive coastline of over 300km, popular Spanish resorts such as Malaga,Granada and Cadiz and locality on the Iberian Peninsula; Costa del Sol creates a prefect base to enjoy a traditional Mediterranean vacation.

With over 320 days of sunshine per year; Costa de Sol and evidently known as the Sun Coast. Much of the immeasurable coastline of Costa de Sol, located in this region of Spain; is beautiful beach, indulged by fine white sand and stunning blue waters that can guarantee average annual temperatures of 22ºC. It’s easy to see why the Costa del Sol is one of Europe’s most renowned holiday destinations.average temperatures 300x204 Live Weather Forecast Costa del SolThe Costa del Sol’s characteristic Mediterranean climate enjoys long hot and not to mention dry daytime temperatures. The summer months experience virtually no rainfall and wintertime is mild with intermittent precipitation. Most of the regions rainfall is obtained during the winter months of November and December and will last for up to four days at the most – the sun is normally still shining throughout short brisk showers. Sea temperatures will rarely fall below 20ºC, all year round, therefore the beaches throughout the majority of the Costa del Sol are accessible at any time of the year.

An ideal vacation of sun lovers, as the Costa del Sol reaches average temperatures of 29ºC or commonly higher throughout the summer months. Swimmers and divers will also find this time of the year enjoyable as sea temperatures throughout this period never drop below 23ºC. In spite of the convivial afternoon coastal breeze that generally appeases the aching temperatures, some visitors still find the summer months a little too hot.


For travellers wanting to avoid the hot temperatures and beat the crowds; late spring is a perfect time to visit – throughout the months of late April and May, sometimes even June. Average climates during this time range anywhere between 23ºC to 27ºC and rainfall is still very minimal. Early autumn is also a great time to holiday as September and early October will see the temperatures falling from averages of 28ºC to 23ºC. During the months outside of summer and winter; temperatures can still be assured warm enough to enjoy a beach holiday, yet any winter rain can be avoided.

Surrounded by the Sierra Bermeja mountain range, blocking any cold gusts, the wintertime in Costa del Sol is very mild. Winter climates generally linger around 12ºC but even in January; the coolest month will commonly see highs of 17ºC. With assured sunshine right throughout the coldest months, even a winter’s day tends to be warm enough for a game of golf or just seeing the magnificent sights of the area.  The everlasting pleasant climate throughout the immediate region of Costa de Sol has created the joyful playground it is today.

Costa del Sol Weather


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