Amazon Adventure park comes to Elviria Marbella


Amazon Adventure

AVENTURA AMAZONIA are genuine theme parks for Adventuring in the Heart of Nature where YOU have the star role in your own adventure. They are also a new concept in Fun that is totally respectful of nature and the natural surroundings where they are sited.aventura amazonia marbella1 150x150 Amazon Adventure park comes to Elviria MarbellaThe Amazon Adventure parks offer you a new concept in Entertainment and Amazon Adventure, providing the maximum of Fun with the greatest Respect for Nature, within an environment that is absolutely safe and secure. The Theme Parks in the Great Outdoors enable EVERYONE to enjoy a tailor-made adventure, regardless of age or physical condition, in such a way that you can personally can decide on the multi-adventure circuit in which you would like your own adventure to take place.

Here you can…

  • Escape and enjoy an adventure in the open air, made-to-measure just for you
  • Find activities for everyone, children (from the age of 6 and with a minimum height of 1.15 m.), adults, sports enthusiasts, schools, companies, families and groups, for which no special physical fitness or skill is required.
  • Face your own challenges of speed, agility and balance in surroundings that are absolutely safe and in a natural, untouched setting.
  • A new adventure park called Aventura Amazonia (Amazon Adventure) opened near Marbella in a plot of more than 20,000 m2. It is located in Elviria, Avenida Valeriano Rodriguez, N-340 Exit 192. The park offers a total of 73 activities and 20 zip-lines on eight adventure circuits. Aventura Amazonia has the longest zip-line in Andalucia with 240 metres where you can reach a speed of up to 60kph. All of this is located amongst trees in a natural environment. There a varying difficulties amongst the activities so visitors can choose their challenges in agility, speed and balance in a completely safe environment.All you need is the desire to have fun. No need to be physically prepared. Aventura Amazonia has activities for children from six years old or 1.15 meters, families, adults and sportspeople. The visitors can spend the day in an eco-park which is an example of sustainable development, respecting the terrain and the trees, and making sure the general appearance fits with the surroundings.

    Amazon Adventure

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